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Seussical! The Musical


I had the opportunity to be a small part of Ken Basore’s backstage crew for Met2’s Seussical The Musical 2012.  My 6-year old son JJ  rehearsed for months and played the part of a Who–no matter how small!  One Saturday before the opening, a small group of parents and staff prepared the backstage decorations for the stage.  I took a partial shot (above) of the saw horse and a new panel to document my memory of some of the construction aspects from that day.  I got to use my jigsaw, the staff circular saw, and lots of supplied paint to refurbish the previously used sections.  I was allowed to whimsically line some columns.  I did a reflecting line like I used to when I doodled as a kid!  I felt the spirit of Seuss!  Four of the six very large top panels you see below were newly produced, for the larger stage, on that day, as well as two new arches below.

Stage Props

Painted Posts

Over the two "paint" days, I painted ten posts in this linear manner.

Blue corners

The day we loaded the stage, I painted wacky blue corners and similar orange corners (first picture) and a fake "cut" top border.

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2 thoughts on “Seussical! The Musical

  1. Are the cutouts you did for Seussical still around? Does the theatre rent them out? They look great!


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