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Sarrow Studio Shop shop coming soon

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In an exciting new development, Jonathan and I have decided to launch a retail business at TAG Gallery! The gallery recently moved to Wilshire Blvd from Santa Monica. It has expanded to include a new gallery, and a couple of offices to rent for members. We’re excited about this and created a website for approval by the Board in July: http://imagi.life

Since then, we’ve changed the name of the shop twice to reflect the products that we will be selling, first to “art + sun,” and then simply Sarrow Studio, to keep the business name we already have, and to keep our options open for:  art + clean, local, organic products, with a heavy emphasis on limiting fossil-fuel consumption.

We are not purists, and part of our project here is to acknowledge that we can do a lot of good just by cutting down on the percentage of plastic and oil products we use. We also will be promoting solar products and renewable energy.

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