Sarrow Studio has developed into two new companies, Imagi.Life (2017) and (2018).  Collaborating with artists in L.A. has been inspiring and exciting in the last two years.

Imagi Life Shop created pop up galleries in parks, hotels and bars, and we learned a lot about marketing and selling art.  It is always open on-line, and our fulfillment center is my studio, in Van Nuys, California.  We are also building a gallery and small shop in Van Nuys, that people can visit by appointment.

artHYPE Conversations

artHYPE developed as a series of conversations with artists, for YouTube, which is still under development, and along the way, I met Genesis Be, and was inspired to curate her new paintings at TAG Gallery.  That became People Not Things, which opened at TAG Gallery in March, 2019.

Genesis Be at TAG

artHYPE Curating

Working with Genesis, I became a curator again, and I really enjoyed every aspect of it.  My first curatorial adventures actually started in Atlanta, Georgia, at a place called Blue Milk Gallery.  I went on to co-curate art shows at Pratt Institute.  When I recently served as president of TAG Gallery artist collective, I helped open up the mission to curatorial programming by member artists and the managing artist.

artHYPE is currently showing Sarah Svetlana’s popular abstract paintings and installation at TAG Gallery.


artHYPe is collaborating with Debbie J.Y. Lin’s [  INBTWN  ] media and conceptual abstract paintings + performance in October at TAG Gallery.


Sarrow Studio

My last solo show was at TAG Gallery, #bodylanguage in February 2019 and it was received very well by visitors and friends.  Two of my newest paintings of life drawing models are on Styrofoam and available at Artist Outpost in Harlem, New York, for a multi-national ten woman art show named Erotic Feminism.  I was lucky to have my FEM paintings headline the marketing, which has never happened for my work before.  FEM Paintings FEM Grid

I’ve started uploading my artwork for sale on my website for the first time: as well as on Saatchi, and will upload a few on a new international site called ArtMo 

My studio in Van Nuys is in boxes, and it was mostly in my garage, instead of my car, since I left the Arlington site in early 2018.  This has been stressful, but there’s light at the end of the tunnel.  I’m planning several series of paintings, and books that I’m interested in doing while I’m in Van Nuys. I am doing installations and artwork with styrofoam, to help keep this ubiquitous substance physically out of our landfills, and to bring awareness to it’s decomposition into microplastics.  Please follow my campaign against styrofoam on Poly Styro Facebook  Thank you!


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