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Sarrow Studio Shop shop coming soon

In an exciting new development, Jonathan and I have decided to launch a retail business at TAG Gallery! The gallery recently moved to Wilshire Blvd from Santa Monica. It has expanded to include a new gallery, and a couple of offices to rent for members. We’re excited about this and created a website for approval by the Board in July: http://imagi.life

Since then, we’ve changed the name of the shop twice to reflect the products that we will be selling, first to “art + sun,” and then simply Sarrow Studio, to keep the business name we already have, and to keep our options open for: ¬†art + clean, local, organic products, with a heavy emphasis on limiting fossil-fuel consumption.

We are not purists, and part of our project here is to acknowledge that we can do a lot of good just by cutting down on the percentage of plastic and oil products we use. We also will be promoting solar products and renewable energy.

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Kids Gym Tarzana

Tomorrow I’ll apply the last stroke on the Kid’s World mural at Tarzana’s Kids Gym, owned by the amazing and visionary Dina Kimmel. I’ve enjoyed working there the past few weeks with all the kids who weren’t allowed to touch the sign paints, and the incredibly helpful staff including Dana, Tina and more. It was a great exercise in custom color mixing for me! I’ll post more detailed photographs soon. Graphic image originally designed by Macy Wong.

Almost Finished!

Almost Finished!